Learn How To Setup & Start Your Amazon FBA Business.

Are you looking to get started with Amazon FBA? Especially from Asia such as Hong Kong, China, or Philippines?

Then this workshop is for you! A 2+ hour workshop going through the start to launch of your Amazon business from Asia.

PART 1: Where to Incorporate

Before even starting your Amazon FBA seller Central account we need to know if we are doing it as a individual or a company.

PART 2: Building a Brand

Let’s discuss our focus on why we are doing this. We want to build a true brand over time.

PART 3: Product Selection

Are you a garbage man or an artist? Let’s discuss.

PART 4: Keyword Research

How to find what people are searching for in Amazon and Google.

PART 5: Seller Central & Getting Listing On

Let’s get into the meat of seller central and getting a listing going.

PART 6: Launch & Marketing Tactics

Now that you have the setup understood, lets discuss marketing tips and tactics.

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