This is for those who are ready to take their business and lives to a new level. Once you have confirmed you are in on the Transformation project you will gain access to this page as a GFAVIP member. Fill it out and let’s discuss!

Please read the details of the question under each question box to help you know what we are looking for. The more open and honest, the more we can help you

  • Your Business: (that you would like to focus your sessions on)
  • Your current business “State” (what is the current sales / traffic / other KPI you would like to share with us)
  • What are your current goals? 1 year, 5 year, lifetime 🙂
  • What are some roadblocks from achieving those goals?
  • What is your main goal for this transformation project (3 month target)?
  • We believe this can help you and the coach understand the best way to approach roadblocks better.
  • Are you willing to put in at least 3-5 hours per week on this transformation project? Between calls and assignments.
  • This is the last part of the form - anything else you'd like us to know? Any questions, or specifics?